EV Commercial Charging Program

Level 2 Mixed-Use Commercial Charging:

  • Customers are eligible for an on-bill credit of up to $30,000 toward the cost of upgrading Customer-Side Make-Ready (CSMR) assets for the installation of commercial, ENERGY STAR® certified, Level 2 smart chargers.
    NOTE: Customers are responsible for the cost of the EV charging unit itself.PSE&G Commercial charging station is shown.

      • This incentive is calculated based on the number of chargers installed. This subprogram offers up to $7,500 per charger installation for up to four chargers per site.
  • If there are any costs associated with upgrading the utility-owned assets that service the property, customers are eligible for a reduction of up to $10,000. The reduction would be applied toward any required customer deposit for Utility-Side Make-Ready (USMR) work performed by PSE&G to support the additional electric load in a safe, reliable manner.

Contact Us

Please contact the PSE&G EV Team if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

PSEG-Electric.Vehicles@pseg.com, or by phone at 1-800-249-1837.

NOTE: PSEG Long Island customers, please visit: www.psegliny.com/goelectric


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