Get Started With MyAlerts

It's easy to enroll in MyAlerts on your phone, tablet, or computer. When you sign up, choose your alerts so you get exactly the information you want, just when you want it—for free.

Customize Your Notifications

Always on the go? Choose text notifications. Spend a lot of time at your computer? Opt for email alerts.

Get Alerts on Your Schedule

You decide when you'll receive alerts with MyAlert's Do Not Disturb feature.

Stay in the Loop

With MyAlerts, you'll spend less time wondering about your bill status, outages, and payments.

What You Can Do with MyAlerts

Register for MyAlerts and choose which alerts you'd like to receive. Just log in to My Account and select MyAlerts. Opt in or out at any time.

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Report Power Outages

Report power outages by texting the word "OUT," and then receive updates on your restoration status

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Get Outage Alerts

Opt in to outage notifications and receive alerts when there's an outage that may affect your service, if there's a change in your estimated time of restoration, and when power in the area has been restored.

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Check for Outage Updates

Text STAT to find out the status of a current outage.

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Pay by Text

After registering, text PAY to 4PSEG (47734) to make a full or partial payment.

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Get Payment Reminders

Opt in for payment reminders to get a notification five days before your bill is due.

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Know When a Payment Has Posted

Opt in for payment confirmation, and we'll let you know when a payment has posted to your account.

Info at the Speed of Now

We know you're busy. That's why we've made it simple to find out what you need to know, fast.

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When Are the Lights Coming Back On?

When the power goes out, you want to know one thing: when will it be back on? With MyAlerts, you can get real-time updates by text or email.

No More Worries about Missed Due Dates

Never miss a payment again. We'll give you a heads-up five days before your bill is due.

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Get the Alerts You Want, the Way That You Want Them.

Select the alerts that are important to you. Receive them by text or email


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