Start, Stop, or Move Service

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Start Service, Stop Service, or Move Service

If you need to start, stop, or move service for your electric and gas, please click here to get started.

Start Service

New to PSE&G’s service area or adding a new address? To start service, you’ll need:

You will need:
  • Your address (not a P.O. Box) 
  • Phone number 
  • Email address 
  • The date you’d like to start service
  • Social Security number*

*A security deposit may be required for a new customer

Change the way you set up your home utilities with Porch from PSE&G:

  • Porch from PSE&G is a free service that can help you connect or transfer additional home services like TV, internet, home phone and security.  Please visit Porch to take advantage of this service.


Business customers: If you’re new to PSE&G’s service area, please call the Business Solutions Center to get started at 1-855-249-PSEG (1-855-249-7734). If you’re a current customer, please refer to the details on this page to add a new address, stop or transfer service.

  • Representatives Available: Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (Closed Holidays)
  • NOTE: If you’re a new customer, please have your Business Tax ID Number ready.


If you are a current PSE&G customer, you can start service at a new address, stop service, or transfer service by logging in to My Account or calling us at 1-800-436-7734.


Stop Service

Moving away or no longer need PSE&G service? To stop service, you’ll need:

  • The date you’d like to stop service
  • Address to send your final bill
  • Meter Reading: If you haven’t had an actual meter reading in the past few months, please provide us with an updated reading. Before moving out, you can do this online by entering a read or by submitting a picture of your meter.

Transfer Service

Are you currently a PSE&G customer and would like to transfer to another address in our service area? You’ll need:

  • Current address where you’d like to stop service
  • New address where you’d like to start service
  • The dates you’ll be stopping service and starting service at the new address 

Security Deposits

A security deposit may be required on a new account.  The amount of the deposit will be based on the rate being billed at the premise.

Once the security deposit has been paid, it accrues interest. The security deposit and interest are then held until they are eligible to be returned to the customer after either 1) a positive payment history of 12 months (for residential customers) or 24 months (for business customers), or 2) the account is closed.

Security deposit interest rates are determined on an annual basis by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities.  Here are the security deposit interest rates for the past 7 years: