My Meter Readings

Want to Avoid an Estimated Bill?

In months when we don't read your meter, your monthly bills will include the word "estimated" next to the meter reading. We base your estimated charges on weather conditions and prior monthly energy use. We adjust your bill to reflect actual usage every time we read your meter. If you prefer, you can read and submit the meter's measurement to us.

Submit a Meter Reading Online or By Phone

In My Account, you can enter a meter reading manually or take and upload a picture of your meter. Or call PSE&G's dedicated "Record-a-Meter" recording system at 1-800-622-0197 to log a reading.

To ensure the accuracy of the reading, please submit it no earlier than two business days before and within seven days after the scheduled meter reading date listed on your bill.

Here's how to read your meter:

Digital Meter

Read your meter, from left to right, and submit the numbers you see. Include all zeros.

Dial Meter

Dial meters read like clock hands.

  • Start on the right, and move to the left.
  • If the dial rests between two numbers, record the lower number. If, however, the pointer rests between 0 and 9, record the 9.
  • Record every number, including zeros.
  • When you report or call in your meter reading, report the numbers from left to right.